Women and Success

In the most recent reports on Serbia by the European Commission and the UN, a weak representation of women in the public sphere was detected, as well as deeply rooted, traditional patriarchal stereotypes about the role and the responsibilities of women and men in the family and the wider community, which is reflected in women’s education, their opportunities in the labor market and the low level of women’s participation in the political and public spheres. The goal of the project Women and Success is to contribute to raising awareness about the necessity of a better representation of women in the local public sphere, through a multi-level and novel contextualization of the «successful woman» phenomenon in our society, through exhibitions and public discussions, with the participation of experts, as well as public figures in the field of culture, politics and media.

Hitherto, the media, popular, and sometimes expert representations of the phenomenon of women who have achieved social success, there was a prevailing decontextualizing, anecdotal and mystifying narration. Many cultural and political aspects of the public work of famous women remain undiscovered, and many events remain recorded only in private memories and collections. Our intention is to collect and exhibit through the project activities a selection of documentary material, which up until now hasn’t been available or has escaped the notice of the professional and the wider public, as well as to exhibit the existing documentary and media material in the context of research and critical studies of dominant representational models of the social success of well-known women.     Programs completed so far are: “All that we forgot and this telephone – Mira Trailović” (2009), “Ksenija Atanasijević” (2012).


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